Statements in support of Usama Hasan

Death threats against Usama Hasan

East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre

Let our Scholars Think Freely!

Islamic Society of Britain – ISB

MCB Statements Against Threats Against Dr Usama Hasan

Muslim Council of Britain – MCB

Support Usama Hasan and freedom of conscience within Islam

The City Circle

IMASE Statement on Dr Usama Hasan, Evolution and Masjid Tawhid

International Muslim Association of Scientists and Engineers – IMASE

MINAB condemns – in strongest possible terms – the reported death threats issued against British Muslim Imam

Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board – MINAB

AOBM stand by Dr Usama Hasan

Association of British Muslims

Top Imam Misunderstood over Evolution Remarks

Muslims East

Statement in Support of Dr Usama Hasan


bmsd’s position on Shayk Usama Hasan’s Lecture on ‘Islam and Evolution’

British Muslims of Secular Democracy

MECO Condemns Death Threats Against Dr Usama Hasan

Muslim Education Centre of Oxford

Statement from Abu Zubair released to BBC


We need freedom to talk about Islam

Letter to the Guardian led by Maslaha project (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

The Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relations, part of the Woolf Institute, condemns the death threats reported …against the scholar Dr. Usama Hasan.

Freedom of expression is vital in our free and democratic society. Dr Hasan’s critics are welcome to disagree with mainstream Darwinian theory – as do some Jews and Christians – but hate campaigns are unacceptable and should be vehemently rejected.

Of one thing I am intolerant and that is of intolerance
itself, demonstrated by the attacks against Dr Hasan. Debate yes, hatred, no.

Dr Edward Kessler

Director, Woolf Institute


MNUK Board Condemns threats against Dr Usama Hasan

Muslim Women’s Network UK

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